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About Inductotherm Group Pune

Inductotherm Group Pune Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1998 as a 100% export oriented unit (EOU). It started its operations offering design and engineering services to Inductotherm Group companies. With time, we expanded our portfolio offering by adding software development and IT enabled services, Automation, Controls and Robotics, Global Sourcing and Logistics, Global Field Services Support and Engineering Animation Services to Inductotherm Group companies spread across the world.

In year 2005, we started working for non group companies in the domestic as well as international market. Since then we have successfully completed numerous projects with automobile companies like TATA, Volkswagen, Mahindra, BMW  (South Africa and China), Hyundai, Force Motors, System builders like KUKA and GROB, Commissioned SPM for Craftsman as well as other plant automation companies like AMS (Automation and Manufacturing Service), Güdel, ROFA, INTROSYS and AUTO Technology.

Inductotherm Group Pune also has a division that caters to domestic tariff area (DTA) business.

About Inductotherm Group

Inductotherm Group Pune Pvt. Ltd. is part of the Inductotherm Group which brings together 40 companies strategically located around the world. They all share a focus on serving the metals and materials industry and all are leaders in their respective disciplines.

From the brilliant yellow of gold and the warm glow of copper to the cold gray of iron and steel, no matter what metal you melt, mold, heat or otherwise process, there’s an Inductotherm Group company with the equipment, technology or services you need.

Inductotherm Group companies provide the equipment and services that allow industry to process metals from melting through casting, heating, rolling, drawing, forming and shaping into their final products.

As a multi-technology organization, the Inductotherm Group offers many advantages:

  • The unique ability to offer the best solution from a broad range of available technologies.
  • A single point of contact and single source of project responsibility.
  • The support of a global network of manufacturing and service facilities.
  • Access to a full range of engineering, installation and repair services.
  • Innovative technology advances through group synergy.

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