Design & Engineering Process

Our Design and Engineering team has qualified & experienced Engineers / Designers with an ability to understand complex industrial Design / Engineering requirements and deliver per International Standards like American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European, Korean and Indonesian etc. We diligently follow the process that we established over a period of time.

Pre-Order activities

  • Receipt of enquiry
  • Detail study of drawings, specifications and special requirements if any
  • Obtain clarifications from the customer over e-mail, audio / video, personal meetings
  • Submit a technical proposal followed by commercial proposal.

 Post Order activities

  • Arrange a kick-off meeting with the team of Engineers / Designers to assign the tasks to be accomplished in the project.
  • Select the team of Engineers / Designers qualified to work on the project
  • Appoint a team leader
  • Discuss and decide on the delivery schedule.
  • Identify the deliverables and the mode of delivery
  • Reporting format and the information flow protocols with customer
  • Submit draft design to customer for review
  • Incorporate the changes as required
  • Deliver the Design package